The Truth Behind the Theme Song of Final Fantasy Versus XIII

No new info to share with you guys. Lady Gaga is REALLY doing the theme song of Final Fantasy Versus XIII and you have now heard the instrumental version of it. We are looking forward to hear the full version of the song with lyrics!

…Just kidding.

However the “theme” song is a real thing. Surprisingly it isn’t the theme song of Versus, but it’s a theme song of the Moomins, the Finnish-Japanese cartoon. The stories and characters were originally written and designed by Finnish writes, Tove Jansson. The anime & its music were drawn and composed by Japanese studio which had some FF designers in their team. (!!!) (At least one’s wife) The Moomins were quite popular in 90s in Finland (we!), Japan and in European countries.

And in the end the main thing in our April fooling was the world-famous & talented (maybe a freak in somebody’s opinion) singer, Lady Gaga. In our opinion it wouldn’t be that bad if Lady Gaga really made and sung the theme song of Versus, as long as it sounds FF and it isn’t too out of the soundtrack itself.

So why we chose to use her in our April fooling? It was pretty simple idea. She looks like Etro (hah) and she is a beast with her piano. (Gotta love our opinions, huh?) We also wanted to see how Final Fantasy fans will react if they hear an awesome song, but info says that it was composed by Gaga. Reactions were positive and negative, but surprisingly the video had more likes than dislikes. At some point it felt like the song itself wasn’t that bad after all, but the fact that Gaga had composed and written it made it sound bad in some people opinion.

However we are damn interested to see what kind theme song she would make for the game like Final Fantasy. Would it be revolutionary theme song? Something so different from other FFs?

Every Final Fantasy are meant to be different, right? RIGHT?


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