Tetsuya Nomura talks about Final Fantasy Versus XIII in Weekly Famitsu

This week the Weekly Famitsu had an interview with Tetsuya Nomura, where Nomura-san told few new things about Versus.

According to Famitsu, Tetsuya has been checking new media for the press, and in comparison with old trailers, visuals has increased a bit. He also told that Final Fantasy Versus XIII will mix real time and pre-rendered cutscenes like  Final Fantasy XIII/-2 did.

CG Full Motion Video Screenshot

In versus the ration of gameplay and cutscenes is said to be 7:3 and full motion videos are created by Visual Works. The developer team has increased their skills to express realtime graphics, but in some cases there is scenes what has switched to be pre-rendered scenes.

Nomura announced that next time when we will see the game, it runs on PS3.


6 thoughts on “Tetsuya Nomura talks about Final Fantasy Versus XIII in Weekly Famitsu

    • I’m don’t have a XBOX360 and I don’t have a problem with not being exclusive, I think it’s pretty good to be multiplataform so that XBOX players can also have a chance to play the game. I think it’s very ridiculous to wish that kind of exclusivity. If it will be multiplataform, if you have a PS3, what’s the problem of going to other plataforms?

      • well it’s okay, in an ideal world where companies don’t push for a fast release, but the thing is Microsoft will probably rush them if they decide multi. If they do, they should make the decision AFTER the PS3 version is released.

    • I hope Square Enix will realize that if they want to make of profit out of FFvXIII than they will go multiplatform. They invested to much money into the development and may not get a big enough profit to justify the cost. I wish all the best for Square and I’m a huge Final Fantasy fan and this is my honest opinion.

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