Final Fantasy XIII-2 News Announces FINAL FANTASY VERSUS XIII News!

Happy the 1st anniversary guys! We have been writing Final Fantasy XIII-2 News for a year now and it has been very rewarding to get known with new people and make new contacts. We started writing on January 19, 2011 – a day after the announcement of Final Fantasy XIII-2, but the real thing started on June.

Now after a year of the creating Final Fantasy XIII-2 News we are happy to announce our newest site in our family, Final Fantasy Versus XIII News! This site will release and tell the newest, latest and most exciting news about Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Don’t worry, even if we start this new site we will be updating Final Fantasy XIII-2 News as actively as in the past.

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Now enjoy and watch our Final Fantasy Versus XIII News announcement trailer!

In the end we want to thank Square Enix (especially Europe HQ) for supporting us and Japan HQ for creating these amazing games. And of course our awesome readers – without you there weren’t Final Fantasy XIII-2 News!

Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be released in Europe on 3rd February and in United States on 31st January. The downloadable demo is now available on PSN and Xbox Live.

Thanks for the amazing year

Final Fantasy XIII-2 News Staff


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